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Hopefully, unlike the chant, we can make a variant Big Ass Flag that still has sunshine on it because that is an important part of the culture. Just not one with sun rays like the flag of a brutal empire. Sun rays come in many kinds too. (Who was taught the art by the 1st Sikh guru, Guru Nanak himself who had learnt the art form the God, as per a legend) also he had learnt the ancient Shastra Vidya art form Rajputs, who taught him in gratitude when he helped them to free their 52 princess, kidnapped by the Mughals. But the greatest Sikh martial artist was the last Guru (10th Guru), Guru Govind singh. He was the one who founded the great Khalsa army (the brotherhood, all specialized in Gatka he fought won many battles against the Mughals)..

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