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Cologne has more of them than any other German city

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high quality designer replica The centrepiece is the famous Dionysus Mosaic, measuring more than 70 square metres which was once the dining room floor of a merchant’s villa.For children and chocoholics the chocolate museum, where visitors can learn everything there is to know about the history and production of the confectionery and sample the finished product is a must.There is a word in Cologne replica bags wholesale in divisoria Kolsch that describes not only the city’s dialect and lifestyle, but its distinctive local beer.Cologne’s Brauhauser or brewery pubs are unique, and the Kolsch beer produced by the 20 local breweries has its name protected in European law in the same way as Champagne or Chianti.The pubs dotted around the city centre, many of them in the Altstadt or old replica bags wholesale mumbai town, are cosy, wood panelled places with scrubbed tables and open fires, and have a bustling atmosphere all of their own. Cologne has more of them than any other German city.The Kolsch, a golden, top fermented beer with a distinct flavour, is served in small cylindrical glasses containing only a fifth of replica bags prada a litre and costing around 1.40 Euro ( But beware drinking here can be a dangerous business. The measures may be modest, but unless you take the precaution of covering the glass with a beer mat after draining it, a waiter instantly appears with an automatic refill.By 6.30 on a Saturday evening, as we enter the Fruh am Dom, a Brauhaus in the shadow of Cologne’s massive twin spired Gothic cathedral, the place is buzzing. high quality designer replica

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